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The sign in button will take users to the page where they can create an account or sign in.

For existing FormSwift customers who have signed in.

Header: "Tax Forms" headline with subcategory-navigation on the left can clearly inform the users what this page is for.

"Popular Documents" headline and below links to the document forms are shown upfront for users to quickly find what they need.

Adding short description of each form can give users an idea of who should apply.

Light blue background strip can draw the users' attention.

"Why Choose FormSwift" headline with good points listed below can help first-time users to learn more about how FormSwift can benefit to them.

Previous Design

Text Alignment

I was debating on the text alignment of the "Tax Forms" headline and "Popular Documents" headline. Final decision is text-align: center for "Tax Forms, and text-align: left for "Popular Documents" because Tax Forms are what this page is about, and it represents one of the categories from many other types of forms FormSwift has provided. So I would show the text bigger and in the center.

Popular Document links

Users who are familiar with tax forms have no problem clicking the one they need, but what if new employers or employees are confused with the types of form? I added short description within the button box for each form link to help users learn and find the one they should use.

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