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Design a simple UI to let people choose what kind of pet they have, then display screenings near them.


User Flow

UI Design

Mobile Design

Visual Design


My Movies

1 . Create Profile

for your Pets.

This will be the first screen when users enter the Box Office for special screening of "The Secret Life of Pets." Users can pick any photo of the characters they like, and continue with the next step!

2 . Take photo

for your pets.

After users select a character, they can take a photo for their pet or upload from their album. If they do not want to create a profile picture, users can click "skip" and continue to the next step.

3 . Enter the name of

your pet.

This screen shows the photo users take or upload. They can type in the name of the pet and complete the profile. If they wish to re-take or upload another one, click back button on the top left.

4 . RSVP!

After photo and name of the pet are updated, click "RSVP" button to go to the next stage - choose a special screening. If the users have more than one pet, they can register for another one by following the same steps.


Once the users enter "screenings" stage, date filter will automatically show today's date unless they change it.

Below shows the special screenings based one user's current location. From closest to furthest.

1 . Choose a date.

Scroll to see more

2 . Enter location.

To search for specific locations, type the city in the box next to date filter. It will only show the screening(s) from the city.

3 . View map.

Click the map icon to view with map. Click list icon to switch back to list mode.

4 . Show theater(s) in map mode.

Click the location mark to reveal the screening details.

5 . Choose a time.

Choose a time under the theater location, and it will direct them to the box office to purchase their tickets.



The Secret Life of Pets is a very cute and funny movie for kids and families. I chose yellow background and black text to attract the users' attention and also to give a sense of joy and energy.

The banner's background is an illustration of the New York City that implies the story in a New York building.


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