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New way to explore the world.

TravelZines is a mobile app that lets you browse or create travel posts including photos, reviews and location information. You are also able to save the posts for future trips, group posts as the list for the cities or regions you are traveling to, and arrange the order and route for the trips.

It targets people who travel or want to explore fun places, but do not want to use more than one resource or tool. This is for travelers who love to explore and get update for trendy places to travel to anytime. This is also for travelers who love to share their experiences like a blogger in an aesthetically way.





Planning a trip is a complex job.

How do you usually plan for your trips? You will probably look for some travel books, ask your friends for some tips, google to see 10+ pages of websites and blogs, or browse the attractions on Instagram. We have so many resources, and users are switching one to another to find information, reviews and photos for the places they want to go. Moreover, they will need to write down the list of places in another spreadsheet or word document. 


Introducing TravelZines.


Type in the locations you want to explore, and sort by things to do, foods to eat and places to stay.


Save posts from others, group posts for same locations, and plan these spots in order.


Create posts/zines of your trips with photos, reviews and details.


Keep onboarding process short and only require minimum information. This was done to accommodate the desires of the users to be able to quickly use the app to check out, even for their first time use.

* The hint text will disappear once the user click the input area.

* Error messages are shown below the input box.

* "Create Account" button is initially gray and cannot be clicked. The button will turn red and become clickable once user completes the information.


Users can explore places at their feed or discovering section. Feed shows the posts from your following users. Discovery section showcase and feature other users’ posts. 

Users will be able to leave comments to the posts and/or save the posts.


When users are exploring places they plan to go or discovering new spots they will potentially visit, they can simply click the heart shape button to save in any of the categories for future visit or upcoming trips.

Quick and intuitive.


Great experiences and recommendations can be shared in an aesthetic way. Users can create posts with their own styles. It can be minimal, gorgeous or playful. We offer plenty of layouts for users to play with their creativity.

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In order to show the uniqueness of each traveler. Users get to choose the theme for their profile page. With variety of choices in color and city view, the profiles represent the personality and culture background of the travelers.

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